Demand Tarrif Should be Charged Daily

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Hi All,


I don't understand why we are being charged the Demand Charge rate for the worst day for the billing period across the entire period.

Doesn't it make more sense to apply that on a daily basis?

For example, if someone turns on the kettle, toaster and then a heater on one of the days of my billing period, I get charged as if I did that everyday.

My demand on the power grid was only applicable on that one day, so it makes sense to do this on a daily basis.

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Energex is an Electricity Supply Company and it gains its income from the Supply of Electricity to its customers.


This means that all they get is the SUPPLY charge that your Retailer (AGL in this case) collects on their behalf.


What you have stated above here is that YOU PREFER TO STAY ON A DEMAND TARIFF AS IT IS YOUR CHEAPEST PLAN.


If you have the money, a battery is nearly always the best option.


Our average daily figures are...

Expected results from 79 Days Usage
Daily Statistics
3.746 From Grid
13.621 Exported 
3.511 Generated consumed
17.132 Daily Generation 


So should I be able to convince my housemate that we have a battery solution then we would require at least a 4.5kw battery solution. I have some quotes but the people that install them are trying to tell me we need 10+ kw systems.


But today we only generated 8kw and beside the 3kw that our heat pump consumes daily she also cooked today.


Now the life expectancy of the 4.5kw system I assume should be about 7 years. Say the system cost $4000 that would be a cost of 4000/7 or $600 a year given that our electricity bill per quarter is basically the cost of the supply charge (90*$1.10) or $99*4 ($400 per year)  which by the way we have to pay even if we used no electricity.


Can you believe I cannot convince her that a battery system is a good idea.


Good Luck

Cheers Neil

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I have changed my plan to another months ago.

This plan doesn’t have a demand charge applicable, saving considerable $’s, a plan that they had devised for longer term customers.
Unfortunately they do not advise customers of the plan, and said it was up to the customer to investigate available plans themselves.


On July 01, a 4.27 cent/kWh increase is being applied, approximately 16.7% increase along with other rate increases eg 16.84 cents/day for a supply charge, a 15.8% increase.
This thanks to our brilliant Labor government.
Remember in Queensland, the power generators are owned by the people, or should I say the government (THE LABOR PARTY).
And yes there’s a $1,000 handout, known as a vote buying CONN, happening for each QLD home on July 01 for this years October election.
And yes you are correct, LABOR giveth with one hand and then taketh with the other, for the increase are here to stay for years to come, while the CONN HANDOUT is a one off.

It never ends with LABOR, during the last three terms in office they racked up $144 billion in debt, and now forward estimates show that increasing to$184 billion within four years.
It appears they wear WASTING MONEY as a BADGE of HONOUR.


Ongoing outrageous power costs are here to stay all the while any LABOR administration is in control of our NATION.

John Mollenhauer
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Dear John,
Not sure what Queenslands doing
However Federally you can't lay cost of living crisis at the feet of a
first term Government after 9yrs of the other side being in power. Policy
simply does not manifest as lived outcomes in the social body that quickly.
To develop a change in direction, turn it into a bill, get it through the
two houses of parliament , formalised, out to the services or sectors,
change their policies and structures, implement, activate and start
impacting in the direction intended to then result in outcomes in people's
day to day lives takes years. Just one example: the LNP raised GP Medicare
payment by 63c over 9yrs ( so cut it). This ment GPs had to for the first
time ever start charging a co payment originally not pensioners, children
or low income. Because they are a small business not a public service. This
co/p is now about 40 for everyone regardless. This is not greed this is the
deliberate under funding of public health because the NLP are ideologically
appossed to medicare allways have been since it was developed by a Labor
gov. They prefer the USA model, no money no health. Dismantling it openly
would have lost the LNP Government for years. Instead they just underfunded
it. After 9yrs of this, people can't afford to see a Dr so end up in the
state funded ED departments ergo ramping and wait lists. They end up sicker
because they can't access GPs preventative health or go there because they
don't have the co payment for a essential service that use to be free hence
helping cost of living for everyone. Imagine the col savings if GPs were
still free. The costs overall are higher than if the GP was free due to
things being addressed earlier. It cost more to deliver acute services. It
has taken 9yrs of directed policy to achieve this lived experience. So
whatever energy changes like tariffs people are paying are the result of
NLP policy made while in Gov for 9yrs. What? Labor got in Federally
developed policy for shifts to smart meters, rolled out smart meters, got
them installed, interfered in the markets pricing ( They cant they dont
heve the jurisdiction) increased energy prices all in their first term? Not
only is that ludicrous its physically and systemically impossible. Anything
people are currently experiencing is a product of policy direction of the
previous governments 9yrs. The ship does not turn on a dime. By the way
they have delivered surplus in their first term while spending on social
needs and attempting to provide what relief they can while remaiming
fiscally responsible. The NLP delivered no surplus nil zip just raided the
Country's retirement savings. Not to mention all Western Countries are
experiencing cost of living crisis atm google it. I guess that's Labor's
fault too?. It's a globel economy has been for years Australia is not
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Dear Wally,

one needs to understand one’s own comments and assertions.

What is the claim, ‘a ship does not turn on a dime’ !!

And therefore a government cannot claim, in their first year, their policies generated the $’s touted to be surplus. For it takes solid, sound economic policies and actions coupled with time to generate the revenue that was falsely claimed by JIMBO.

And then there is the election claim by Labor that they had the economic acumen to run and manage the country better than anyone else, which included a $275 reduction in power costs. Yes a reduction of cost, not a handout.

And yes Labor can turn on a dime, they got rid of the $275 reduction, then turned once again and increased power costs by over $1000 per year, and yet another turn increasing the inflation rate with an upward trend.

Your LABOR PARTY is really giving that dime a workout 

Brilliance indeed when our major trading partners are in a downward trend.