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We are disturbed by the cost of our gas bill at unit ** . The point is that no one has lived in the unit for 6 months. We cannot understand why the gas bill is so high when not once has the gas been turned on. Please tell us why.

Ann **

Rod **


AGL Moderator
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Hello @CarmichaelHammo


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. 


Please note that I have edited your post to protect your personal details. 


I can see why this would be alarming, it's never a pleasant surprise to receive a high bill, especially when the property has been vacant for 6 months, 


There could be a few reasons as to why the gas bill is so high, we do have a list of a few things to check on our Unexpected High Bill help page.  


However, I'll send you a private message so we can take a further look into things on your account. 


Kind Regards, 


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Are you reading your bill correctly?


If no-one is is using the gas you still have to pay the supply charge.


If you have a gas storage heater has this been shut down correctly?


Cheers Neil

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