Control Load 1 disconnected, no longer needed. AGL want a fee to take the CL1 unit away.

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We recently stopped using Control Load 1. This was through an electrician who installed a solar battery for us. The CL1 unit is stiing in the meter box. It is not connected to anything. We have had a job lodged with AGL, by the electrician to have the CL1 unit removed. AGL have advised that this will cost $151.20 to do. We want to know who picks this unit up. People from AGL can't tell us. We are happy to post this unit back or drop it of. To have to pay the ridiculous amount of over $151 is money gouging. Can anyone advise please?

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Hi KKerries,
Now you have the controlled load removed, has it reduced your bill?
We have battery backup and would like to follow up with your lead. Could you please inform us of the procedure. Thank you.

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Re your query.

We haven't operated without the Controlled Load for long enough to see any significant change. Our yearly bill for the CL1 component of the bill was only $300. This includes the CL1 supply charge at around $11 per quarter. Our latest bill, for 90 days, of which around 60 days were after having the CL1 disconnected was around $20 less

We recently had a battery installed. We were advised to get rid of the CL1 as a part of the job. This included the removal of the CL1. This company did everything for us, including the disconnecting and removal of the CL1 unit. Finally, they then notified our supplier that we no longer needed to use CL1. Note: My husband couldn't really see a bit benefit in having this done but was convinced by the installer that it would be worth it.

The process was for us was easy as the battery installer looked after everything. I believe that you can simply contact an appropriate electrician, or in our case the battery supplier/installer to have the CL1 unit disconnected. They also changed the thermostat in the hot water service and put a timer into the meter box switch board and an override switch. If we have understood it correctly, the hot water is heated from the solar panels during the day between 10 - 4pm. If nothing is being generated from the panels, if we choose, we can turn on the override switch to active the hot water being heated from the grid. We have had no reason to have to use this so far.

These are our total bill costs for the last year. There are only the two of us living in our home, with the exception of usually about 4-6 visitors who regularly stay over the Christmas break. Furthermore, we do not have air-conditioning or heating.

Total charges + $380.08 29 Jul 2022 to 26 Oct 2022 (90 days)
Total charges + $307.30 27 Oct 2022 to 24 Jan 2023 (90 days)
Total charges + $302.41 25 Jan 2023 to 24 Apr 2023 (90 days)
Total charges + $247.78 25 Apr 2023 to 23 Jul 2023 (90 days)
However, we are still curious to see just how much things change. It is a little hard to work out exactly if having this done was worth it, because we had the battery installed at the same time. We would have to do a lot of data tracking and recording to be really sure. Further to this the additional cost to have the CL1 unit collected by the 3rd party who does this for our supplier. This has somewhat soured the expected savings. We are really of the opinion that, for us anyway, it wasn't worth doing.

It is really important that what you are being told by your advisor re how it all works, particularly when a battery is involved, is clearly understood by you. This is why we are a bit disappointed, in that what we feel that what we were told and understood is that is does not appear to entirely work that way. Maybe that is our fault......
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Thank you again for taking the time to inform us of your situation.  We were totally unaware that the CL1 could have been disconnected by our battery installer. At the moment our system consists of 4.68Kwh panels, 5.8Kwh battery and a solar hot water system.  Like you, there is only the two of us with no air conditioning or clothes dryer.

If this is a private conversation and not part of the forum we would like to compare some of our spreadsheets with you.


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Hi KKerries,
Not sure how you were able to have the Controlled Load removed as AGL advised me it could not be done, as we have a alleged Smart Meter. You also mentioned in the email that your controlled load was around $300. On our June bill, (Monthly) our total charge for the controlled load 1, was $2.75. Unsure how you could have such a high cost. When we multiply the June amount by three, we arrive at $8.25 for the quarter. I understand this is a primitive way of evaluating the cost, however even allowing for additional usage, it still does not come anywhere near your amount.

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Hi Roy2


Your 2.75$ per month could  be CL supply charge? That's a small flat amount for every CL user around 3$ range.


300$ KKerries has mentioned is for actual CL usage which varies from user to user. Don't you have a similar line in the bill? If it is 0$ then I assume none of your appliances are connected to CL so basically you may be paying 2.75$ per month without using the service.


As I understand KKerries has just got into similar situation, now they want to get rid of this monthly charge, but AGL asks another 151$ to do that.