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Re: Control Load 1 disconnected, no longer needed. AGL want a fee to take the CL1 unit away.

Hello.Re your query.We haven't operated without the Controlled Load for long enough to see any significant change. Our yearly bill for the CL1 component of the bill was only $300. This includes the CL1 supply charge at around $11 per quarter. Our latest bill, for 90 days, of which around 60 days were after having the CL1 disconnected was around $20 lessWe recently had a battery installed. We were advised to get rid of the CL1 as a part of the job. This included the removal of the CL1. This compa ...
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Control Load 1 disconnected, no longer needed. AGL want a fee to take the CL1 unit away.

We recently stopped using Control Load 1. This was through an electrician who installed a solar battery for us. The CL1 unit is stiing in the meter box. It is not connected to anything. We have had a job lodged with AGL, by the electrician to have the CL1 unit removed. AGL have advised that this will cost $151.20 to do. We want to know who picks this unit up. People from AGL can't tell us. We are happy to post this unit back or drop it of. To have to pay the ridiculous amount of over $151 is mon ...
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Want to enter a meter read but cant see where to do this on both app and account

Hello. I want to enter a meter read. I have followed instructions on how to do this but still can't see a heading or button or whatever to do this. Can anyone advise please?
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Re: Can't find the message button when logged into account

Hi Panda. I followed our advice and found the chat button in Help as you suggested. However it was on the bottom right not top right as you advised.Initially it wouldn't do anything when I tapped on the Chat button, but after some time the chat function kicked in and I am now able to message. Coincidently, between when I messaged the Community & when you sent your answer I had to do a factory reset to the phone so had to re-install the app. So for now I am able to chat with my phone. My phone i ...
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