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kkerries Switched-on
4 weeks ago

Re: Can't find the message button when logged into account

Hi Panda. I followed our advice and found the chat button in Help as you suggested. However it was on the bottom right not top right as you advised.Initially it wouldn't do anything when I tapped on the Chat button, but after some time the chat function kicked in and I am now able to message. Coincidently, between when I messaged the Community & when you sent your answer I had to do a factory reset to the phone so had to re-install the app. So for now I am able to chat with my phone. My phone i ...
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kkerries Switched-on

Can't find the message button when logged into account

Hello.I have logged into my AGL account and want to Chat I can't find the chat button. I have looked at help and found where look for the button ie logging in to your account and hitting the Message ( ) button in the bottom right, or the top left on the AGL app. However I can't see the button as described. ie that it is at the bottom right when logged into account.
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