Feed in Tarriff stopped

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Hi Everyone,

  I have been getting 15c feed in tarriff from AGL on my existing account, but I received an email from AGL this morning with the new rate pricing and I see that the feed in tarriff has been dropped because I get the government payment, so I have lost 15c per kilowatt hour.  I have to buy electricity from AGL at an increased rate yet AGL now want to buy my excess solar from me for FREE. The Government don't get my excess solar power, but AGL do and they want it for FREE to onsell to other customers.  There is NO incentive for  people to stay with AGL, when people can still get the Government payment and sell their excess solar power to another Electricity Company.

Other companies are still offering to buy your excess solar power.

Where's Customer Loyality?.




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Neddles747, you'll be struggling to find a retailer who will pay you anything but a pittance for your solar energy. If you are on the "old" SA government tariff then be aware that if you change retailer you will lose that tariff. It only applies while you are with AGL.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Neddles747, We did recently change our solar feed in terms and conditions to make systems that are getting a government feed-in scheme amount ineligible for the retailer feed-in tariff, but we will still credit your government tariff for you. While I get your frustration, there are no plans to change that at this time. You can find the details of those terms and conditions through here. Thanks- Mark.

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Looks like they have done that to me and I didn’t even get an email. Hopefully it’s an error but I’m not paying and power if they think they can steal power for nothing