Solar Plan vs Standard electricity plan

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I'm currently with AGL GAS and Power (full grid power) - Location Queensland (Brisbane)


Monthly Power bill between $110 to $125..


I'm moving to Solar soon (getting 6.6kw unit setup by a local company) - don't worry i did my homework.


My question is regards the Solar Plan AGL has (AGL Solar Saver).. It has a estimate of $164 per month - which is more then my current Power Bill (100% Grid)..


I would hope that once i have solar the Power bill from AGL would be a lot less then my current Power Bill..


And yes - I know that when i get solar - To get the savings, you need to use high powered devices during the day (when its sunny)..



AGL Moderator
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Hi @JoelQLD, Thank you for getting in touch with us. 


The estimation for the Solar Saver plan is an average estimation, however this would not include any solar as we are unable to estimate solar generation. 


The estimation is most likely higher than your current bill as the Solar Saver rates are equal to the current reference price. You can find further information by heading to 


We would recommend waiting for a few bills to be issued with your solar generation to provide you with a more accurate comparison for the Solar Saver energy plan. 


Kind Regards,