Change from eBilling back to Paper Bills

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Hello! I was just wondering, how can I switch my energy plan from eBilling back to paper bills? Is it possible to change it back because when I go to My Account and scroll to the bottom where it says Bill Notifications and I can't toggle to eBilling off as it says that my current energy plan has mandatory eBilling. Would it be possible to change back? Or would I need to call AGL and request it to be done? I have asked them in the past but strangely they said they don't do mail bills out anymore. 

If you could help me out, then that would mean a lot! Thank you!! 🙂 


AGL Moderator
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Hi @JOJO_  - depending on your plan type, we can manually change you back to postal billing, with a small paper bill fee of $1.75.

I will message you privately for your details and to confirm you are happy for me to change it across for you.

Kind regards,


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Thank you so much Xander! Yes, that would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂