BPay ref number too long

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The BPay ref number on my bill has too many digits for the online form in my bank.

I've tried removing the spaces but it is still too long.

As I've wasted enough time on this already, I won't be paying my first bill.


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Hi FossilFool, 


It is very disappointing to hear that not all banks have the capacity for our reference numbers, I know that can be disappointing.


The good news is AGL has multiple methods for payments, you can log into your online account and pay your bill via the website or app. You can also contact our team here agl.com.au/contact-us/social/contact-us and pay the bill directly with us. 


Thank you 


Best regards 



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Your a bunch of idiots.

BPay only accepts reference numbers  of 10 digits, no more, no less.

its not a bank issue. It is an issue of stupidity on the part of AGL management.

and why the hell would anyone care about your other payment methods when they want to pay with BPay?

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The payment reference numbers AGL use are between 18 - 20 digits long.


If you visit the Bpay website via the below link and look under "What is a customer reference number' you will be able to see that these can be between 2 - 20 digits.


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Looks like a message to the Ombudsman is required to stop AGL blaming the banks for their obvious attempt to force people to use direct debit instead of Bpay

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Completely agree, same issue here... con artists. They cant make money off failed payments this way that's why 🤬