AGL Refund nightmare

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Just want to share my unpleasant experience dealing with AGL.


I have been requesting a refund of my AGL credit account for more than 4 months. I have exhausted all communication options (online chats, emails, phone calls) and the fund is still yet to be transferred ... the answer is always "We've done our part, now it's all up to the AGL payment team to transfer the money".  The emails to have not been responded, the phone calls which escalated to resolution team managers consisted of empty promises, and online chats to request a call back ?


A bit of background, the credit in my account is result of an incorrect removal of my government solar scheme by AGL and had been re-instated (and back paid by Energex). 


I hate to say this but shame on you AGL. Your customer services are way below standard and you still haven't refunded my money.






AGL Moderator
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Hi Tony_S! 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


This is disappointing to hear, we certainly want to get your money back to you. 


Given that you have spoken with our managers without resolution indicates to me that there may be a bigger issue on your account. 

I would recommend you connect with out Resolutions Team via the AGL App or My Account so they can investigate and escalate the issue if needed. 


Thank you 



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Thanks for the information Ellen.


I have been in contact with resolution team and escalated to team managers on few occasions. The responses were similar that they acknowledged the issue had been handled poorly and should not take as long. The decision is still in the un-responsive payment department and they have no control over. They are all promised AGL will contact me, instead I've got a response from you Ellen, in this regards thank you.


I'm willing to listen for other suggestions if any, otherwise I have to take it to Energy and Water Queensland.  




AGL Moderator
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Hi Tony_S! 

We can certainly check your account to see where this has progressed for you and let you know of any updates if we can, please send us a private message. 



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Hi Nam


I presume what you are referring to sending a private message is to reply the email to


I have replied the email with my AGL account detail. If that's incorrect, please suggest otherwise.




AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Tony_S , sorry for the confusion here. To send @-Nam- a private message, you just need to click on his name, and then click the "Send a message" button on his profile.

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