AGL Overcharges during Covid19 Pandemic

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Bill Period: 28/5/20 - 27/6/20 31 days $273.99 (1077kw) June Billing


This is my current bill with AGL for electricity only.  According to customer service and the manager I spoke too basically send that the last two bills were underestimated and now I have to pay $150 more than I usually would in a 30 day cycle.


The previous bill cycles would have been during the Covid19 Pandemic where people were told to stay home...and we did.  Then AGL turns around and tells me I didn't pay enough during the Pandemic and now have to pay more.  


Shame on you AGL. My local MP is going to hear about this.  





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Unfortunately, the resolution process was anything but smooth!! After going through the chain of command the ridiculous charges on both my electricity and gas bill AGL was still outstanding.


Anglicare ended up paying $900 and I paid the remaining balance of $50.  Anglicare also spoke to AGL & I was put on a new plan.  In addition, I now provide AGL with meter readings every month a cpl of days before the end of the billing cycle.  It really is the only way to keep AGL accountable.  More work for me but at least I'm not being over charged.


The worst thing is that in the next two billing cycles AGL credited both accounts because they had over charged me.  Bloody Unbelievable!!!  All that drama for nothing but no resolution for the customer. I knew AGL was wrong and it showed in the following billing cycles.


If you suspect that AGL are over charging you are most DEFINITELY being over charged. Its not rocket science to see the discrepancies in billing.  AGL needs to do better!!!

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Customers need consistency with billing and AGL should stop making mistakes and excuses.  When the Covid19 pandemic came to town the last thing people needed is ridiculously high bills that were incorrect.  In my situation, AGL was definitely wrong because it showed in the next two billing cycles were I basically paid nothing because they had over charged me.  Its not rocket science to see massive discrepancies in billing.


My billing should have never increased because I had stopped working prior to the pandemic and the number of people in my household and monthly usage did not increase.  I understand if household members were working then were told to stay home electricity and gas would definitely increase but as I stated earlier I was not working prior to the pandemic.


Lastly, its 2021 and AGL are still relying on Endeavour to come around every 3 months to read meters. This means that customers wanting accurate monthly billing must send in their own meter readings monthly.  If you dont you end up with 1 accurate reading and 2 estimates that are always over exaggerated. AGL really needs to improve the way data usage is collected so billing is correct.


AGL can do so much better!!!


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As you know these are community pages.


In these Covid times there are many reasons why your meter may have been estimated. (Reader got Covid etc).


As you rightly pointed out if your meter readings appear to be drastically wrong then you can always submit your own correct readings.


AGL as a retailer do not have their own readers as it is more cost effective to use your suppliers reader. If they do not get a reading from them then they will estimate your bill.


This issue would then be fixed by a simple phone call or online chat.


Cheers Neil

Cheers Neil

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