$75 rebate not applied to JULY 2024 account

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received 1st bill since July 1st (on 9th) and the $75 rebate has not been applied. Does anyone know when it will be? (let's hope there is no skullduggery here from agl...money market investments & earning interest that is). 

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Not 100% sure how it works, can't find how the fed rebate is applied . . . but you are apparently supposed to get the $75 quarterly (or $25 monthly) federal rebate straight to your retail electricity account from July 1st.

It must be getting applied shortly before each periods bill is due, assume just before the bill is processed so it can be applied.


Your July 9th account would have covered the quarter before that, with all or most of the bill pre July 1st ?

It might be that you will get the first $75 paid just before the next full bill due.


Hopefully someone from AGL ,ight come along, send you a private message to get your details, and be able to confirm for you.

It'll probably be quicker to phone them, or use the message or chat via the website contact us page.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @judithewart


Thank you for reaching out. 


The rebate will be applied to your account in 4 instalments of $75.00 post the eligibility dates. We’re working with the Australian Energy Regulator to finalise dates and will look to share with you as soon as these are confirmed. 


To check we’ve applied your bill relief payment, look in the ‘Understand your bill’ section of your bill, it will appear under ‘Previous balance and payments’.


More information can be found via Energy Bill Relief Fund 2024 - 25


I hope this helps! 


Kind Regards,