Electric Vehicle Smart Charging trial by AGL Next

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Just trying to find out if I can qualify for this program as I am on the VPP in SA.
Does this disqualify me?

When will people be selected for this trial? 


Thanks kindly



AGL Employee
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Hi @Stephen2Aus 


Apologies for the radio silence! There are still a few hoops that need to be jumped through before we are able to launch the V2G phase of the trial. I will do my best to communicate an update to all customers who have expressed interest in joining that stream of the trial shortly. 

Essentially there are regulatory and electrical standards hurdles which need to be overcome that have caused a bit of a set back.


I apologise for keeping you hanging on. I know there are a lot of customers (and AGL folks alike) who are keen to get the V2G trial off the ground ASAP.



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Cheers @liam1 🙂

I've been hearing regulatory problems for the V2G chargers in Australia since I started looking mid last year!  Must be a nightmare...


Keep it up, and look forward to hearing from you soon 👍



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Just an update. Everything has been going well so far. 
Chargefox has enabled (around the first week of July) the capability of monitoring and stopping the charging via the Chargefox app. 

There’s no ability to start charging (after stopping via the app) or doing any scheduling yet. 
I raised this with Chargefox and the support rep said that it’s in the pipeline. 

Here’s some screenshots from the Chargefox app:

There’s now a “My Charge Stations” when you click on the “Menu” in the app.



When you select that, it shows information on your Charge Station.


You can also see your previous charging sessions under “Charge history”


I blocked out my address 😅


AGL Community Manager
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@szern Nice one! Glad to see it's going well so far.

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Hey @liam1 any update on the V2G charger red tape?


AGL Employee
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Hi @Stephen2Aus , sincere apologies for the late reply on this, it managed to slip through the crack somehow. 


I'm hoping to update everyone who was interested in the Vehicle to Grid trial soon, but long story short the process to certify the chargers to Australian electrical standards took far longer than expected which has caused project delays. 


Sorry I don't have more positive news! Rest assured we're all working hard to get this component of the trial up and running. 


Thank @Stephen2Aus 


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Hey @liam1

I applied for the V2G trial when it opened, I'm still keen. I have a Nissan Leaf 40kwh.

Have all the available charges been allocated?

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Following this thread with extreme interest, I have a 2021 Outlander PHEV and just want to make the most use of the technology available.

Disappointed to read the Outlander PHEV is excluded from the project.

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Thanks @liam1 for the updates. All power to you and your team as you negotiate the hoops and hurdles of Standards Australia.

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Hi Liam, we have a Nissan Leaf in Brisbane and would very much like to join this Smart Charging Trial.  I followed the website which led me to change my plan to a plan for EV owners, but I couldn't find how to joing the Smart Charging Trial.  I did find a contract for that.  It feels like AGL are getting close.

Is there anything else we can do to get on the trial?