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V2H smart charging trial update?


We all know the chargers are almost here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2022-02-14/electric-vehicle-first-ev-chargers-v2g-v2h-to-arrive-...


But we haven't heard from an AGL representative on this forum for a long time.


@liam1where are you? @David_AGL can you perhaps give us an update on this AGL program?




Anyone interested in an update should call AGL and ask to speak to "James" from the Energy Management team.


At least, that's what the helpful folks on the phone told me.


I've left a message for James to call me back, and will relay the information here for anyone interested (if I do get a call back that is, as you can see from this thread AGL doesn't appear too interested in engaging with us).



AGL Community Manager

Hey @Stephen2Aus , sorry to drop the ball on the communications here! Liam actually left AGL, and I'm working to get our new EVs expert back into this space and engaging again.

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Thanks @David_AGL


While I'm generally happy with AGL, there are significantly cheaper retailers out there. I joined, and am staying with AGL primarily for the committment to EVs (especially the smart charger trial).


I look forward to it commencing soon, so I can stay a happy AGL customer.



AGL Community Manager

@Stephen2Aus - Pleased to report our new EVs champ @Andy_AGL  should be on board here once he's back from some time off, this Wednesday. 

In the meantime, it sounds like we're still working through a few tough compliance and technical issues on the V2G side for the trial. We know the delays are frustrating, so I'm sorry for that. Hopefully Andy can shed a bit more light shortly.

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Thanks for the update @David_AGL . Looking forward to seeing headway on this v2h / v2g topic from AGL and / or jet chargers so I can get this function operational at my home.

Compatible bi-directional PHEV vehicle - check, 

50 Amp power supply to installation point in garage - check.

AGL Employee

Hi @Stephen2Aus  and @MikeP, thanks for reaching out to us and it's great to see your interest in V2G/H!


We're just as excited as you are to get the ball rolling on bi-directional charging in our trial; unfortunately, as @David_AGL mentioned earlier, we have run into some complex tech and compliance issues which we are still working through. 


At this stage I can't add a lot more I'm afraid, but I'm hoping to have a more substantial update in the next month or two as we work through the kinks.


I'll be sure to post an update in this thread when we have more info that we can share 🙂


Hi Andy,


Thanks for the updates.


How do you register to be part of the trial so when you resolve the compliance issues you can contact people?


Also assuming you guys are aware that Jet charge and going to bring in the charging units and it all seems to be approved now?





Thanks @Andy_AGL,
Do you know what AGL's position is on installing the Jet Charger product as is for domestic V2H (not grid) installation?