Electric Vehicle Smart Charging trial by AGL Next

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Just trying to find out if I can qualify for this program as I am on the VPP in SA.
Does this disqualify me?

When will people be selected for this trial? 


Thanks kindly



AGL Community Manager
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Hi @brettrob72 , not sure of the answer to this one myself, but now that we've got our Electric Vehicles group up and running, I'm migrating this topic in there, and I'll follow up to see if I can get you an answer.

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There is a form on AGL's website to fill up. They are supposed to contact you closer to the date when it's supposed to happen. I filled it up about a week or so back.



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Thank you, I messaged AGL, and after many messages, they said the I can still qualify for the electric car trial.
So I am waiting to so if I can get a smart charger from AGL. Hoping to hear something in the early new year.


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That bodes well for me then as I’m in the same boat with you. I’m also on the AGL VPP program 😊

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Thanks @David_AGL 🙂

I'm looking to be on the V2H trial myself, for the Nissan Leaf.


Charge off panels in the day, discharge into the house overnight.  Would love to see how this goes!


AGL Employee
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Hi @brettrob72, thanks for your post and your interest in our smart charging trial. Being part of our SA VPP does not rule you out of the smart charging trial so you can happily participate in both if you like. 

Currently we are taking expressions of interest from customers who would like to participate in the trial and will be contacting those around March next year to discuss their eligibility and onboard them onto the trial. 

I hope this helps answer your question. 


Have a great Christmas!

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Thanks for your reply liam1, it would be great if I/we could know earlier than March as I have purchased an EV and need to arrange a higher capacity charger than my current 10A wall plug. And would like a smart charger from AGL if possible. It is just a long time to wait, not knowing if I will be in the program. Definitely don't mind waiting if I knew I was in the program.

Just some feedback and I hope this makes sense.
Regards, Brettrob72

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Hey @liam1 🙂  Happy new Year!


There's a lot of us excited about this trial, can you give us an update on what the next steps will be from AGL?



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Good to hear the trial time is getting close. Be exciting to develop with AGL given the opportunity and bring Australia closer to leading the charge with our climate purpose built for reducing our emissions.:).