Changes to data usage graphs

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The data usage graphs are not as user friendly as they were. The side by side bar graphs that we used to see were far more meaningful. Previously we could check monthly, annually as well as weekly. You have removed the other user comparisons. The other concern is the whole lot went down with no explanation from you. And when the nerw one comes along we were not advised what was displayed as "drawn from the grid" and "credited to the grid" 

Agree with all of this. Providing the same features as the old site should be a priority. Particularly the ability to view by week/month/year. I prefer the side by side histograms Another option in the old site was to show the bill history. That would be good. Also, mine's only updating two or three times a week. Daily updates would be appreciated.

Hi @ponyman 


Thanks heaps for your feedback. Rest assured we're working on building out all of those features within My Account.


In the coming weeks you'll be able to drill into your usage by year, month, week, day and hourly, as well billing period. Following on from this we are building a new comparison tool so that you can see how your usage is tracking against other periods in your usage history.


The summary figures for solar can be found on your previous bills and can also be accessed through the App. This feature is soon to come for web so please stay tuned.


Thanks Carla. This news sounds great and should be an effective tool for managing our energy usage.

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I believe these features have been added to My Account now so I'm closing this one. If you have further feedback or feature requests, please don't hesitate to create a new Idea!