an AGL email address to get a real answer about a Plan that a Rep suggest would be right fo me

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I am looking for an email address that will put me in touch with a human representative of AGL so that I can get the details of a Plan that seems to be unavailable on the WebSite.

A Representative of AGL suggested that the best plan for me would be a Value Saver Plan and he rattled off the rates.

I asked that he email me the details of the plan so I could assess the details before committing.

I got an email that was a Standard Form email with a link to the web page which had the plan but only the details for Gas, not Electricity.

So still no information. Tried to get to a Human via Chat and the Robot said that it had referred me to a human.

Not confident about getting a result from that as I had spent nearly an hour on hold in the first place only to not get a useful result.

Please does anyone have a useful email address.

All the prices go up on the First of August so want to make a decission soon.

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Electricity prices went up on the 1st July and Gas prices go up on the 1st of August.


Now just for Electricity in SA there are 292 plans available from all retailers. AGL has 36 plans available for SA.


Using Gas (still SA as an example) 67 plans available and AGL has 7 plans available.


Now, every Retailer (That is the company that you buy your Electricity / Gas from) HAS TO,  BY LAW put their offerings on the Energy Made easy web site.


Now the plan you are talking about "Value Saver Plan" is listed on this page Gas / Elect Plans AGL.


Just click on the link and a new web page will open for you.


Being in SA this is for SA so near the top right you will see a state listed. Click on the V next to the State and select your correct state and you will get a screen similar to below..



As you can see, except for the Solar Savers, the other plans have both Electricity and Gas Plans attached.


Hope this helps you, I am not an AGL Employee and have never been only just a member of the Neighbourhood trying to help other users.

Cheers Neil

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Hi Neil,

Thanks for your response,

Unfortunately the link to the Value Saver Plan is not working and I get a 404 error.

Thanks for your efforts though. This is why I am looking for an email address.



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I never did get an email address from anyone so after a lot of thought I sent an email with as many possible basic addresses as I could think of. It was a total of about 16 addresses from which I got single response. It was from via a phone call. The caller asked me what the problem was and we had a discussion about the lack of real contact with anyone unless you were prepared to hang on the line by phone for an hour or wait in front of your computer for an hour after being transferred by a Robot.

We also talked about the lack of an email address that could be used to ask for answers that required a human to read the email and then respond with the answer to the questions asked. Not just have some computer send an answer that answers only part of the question or none of the question via a form mail probably created by yet another Robot.

By this time AGL's web site had started working correctly and I had a response to my hour long wait to speak to an actual person only to find out that if the very first person I had contacted by phon after an hours wait had done their job he would have informed me that the plan that I was on was the best available I would not have wasted the best part of three hours in a fruitless search for an email address.

Sorry, end of rant.



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So many customers, me included, in the same situation. Such a waste of so much of my time yesterday and now it's continuing today. After a long and drawn out session yesterday on the AGL mobile app "message" service (a misnomer if ever there was one) my plan has still not been changed this morning and the "message" app seems to just be hung. So I'm driven to express my frustration here in sympathy with you.

For goodness sake AGL, enable an email contact and make it easy for a rep to ring us rather than expect your customers to spend their time waiting on auto-voice system responses, etc.

Sigh ... 😞