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Mark at the messenger board on Facebook was unable to pass on a simple suggestion for AGL management to consider. All he could do was refer me to here! So Mark, I followed your advice and thanks for NOT replying to my questions. After all it's not that your being employed by AGL is it?

Anyway, I'll just have to write the old fashioned way to AGL directly as their FB account is utterly useless. (And they haven't posted anything since April!!) 😔

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Wadsal,


Thanks for reaching out. Due to increased security measures, we're no longer able to access customer's accounts and assist via Social Media, such as Facebook and Twitter.  We'd be more than happy to assist with your enquiry here. Is there something in particular that we can help you with?




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In further to @-Olgi- , I would like to point out that this Neighbourhood is not secure as well.


So with any Social Media YOU SHOULD NOT SUPPLY any personal details unless on a secure section of it.


For example, PM's (or Private Messages) are secure on this site and are communication from one person to another.


I still cannot understand why People Broadcast on Social Media that they are not home, let alone overseas for a month or so.


I travel from time to time in my Caravan (did five months last year) and other than a few Navy mates and SOME friends I told no-one.


My housemate also does not inform anyone that I am not here unless they are trying to contact me as I have another phone that I take with me to ensure I have the best available phone service.

Cheers Neil

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