After 3 weeks of phone+chat, AGL still cannot get "My Wallet" working online!

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IMG_5194.jpgIMG_5195.jpgI have had it with AGL. Their website is unusable, and their customer service (always offshore) is awful.


3 weeks ago I had to replace an expired credit card for direct debit billing on my 4 accounts. I explained that "My Wallet" was unavailable on any of my 4 accounts online (I get an error message to contact AGL). The support person took my card details securely, and assured me that My Wallet would be working the next day.


3 weeks and 2 online chats later (with another promise that "IT" would fix it), I got an email saying my online account was ready. I just checked and the 4 accounts are now in a worse state than when I started asking for help! For example, they say that direct debit is not available (while my card is indeed being debited). All I want is the ability to change my credit card (or other payment method) online, without spending an hour on the phone.


Can someone please give me a management phone or email address, to which I can complain? I don't want to speak with clueless people.


This week is make or break. I will switch all 4 accounts to another RSP (that's a lot of lost income, AGL). Oh yeah, and I will complain to the regulatory authorities about AGL.

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Hi AngryCustomer22, welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! 


Thank you for your feedback, we certainly need to review how your online account is set up to see what may be causing the issue for you, please Contact Us so we further investigate this for you. 




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Same thing has happened to me.

After several phone calls (on hold for an hour last time) an agent finally adjusted my direct debits to a new credit card. Hope it all works. 
My Wallet still disabled.

Crap service.

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Hi @JTLowe, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. 


We apologise to hear the poor experience you had with updating your payment details. 


I'll send you a private message so I can get some details from you to assist with your AGL wallet. 


Kind Regards,