Cannot login any more

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I have been able to login to my account for the last few years without a problem, but last week it just stopped working for no reason.  It was working fine the day before, but now I cannot login at all either on the App ( which I had never used before but thought I would try after it the web stopped working ) and also the Web based one.


I've been in contact with somebody on the chat a few days again and they just said yes it's fine now it's fixed just do this ( which didn't work ).  


Is anybody else having problems, if so do you know of a way round it?


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I can't log in either, on the mobile or website. Occasionally I might get the mobile app to work, but generally it just sits on the loading screen. The website hasn't loaded for me for months now. It's very frustrating. 😠

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Larni02 . Have you tried contacting us about this issue yet via web chat or phone? Login issues have various causes and it can be difficult to diagnose them without direct access to your account.

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Hi @David_AGL

This is Khafra I wrote the original comment, and yes I did manage to fix it after a while of back and forth, but now 'AGL' have broken something else ( missing / pending usage data ), which I'm now trying to sort out, so far it's now been nearly a month on top of the other months issues. I just get told the IT department has been told.


And yes I did contact yourselves over both issues repeatedly but I just get told the same thing, try again in 3-5 days. 

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Khafra , thanks for following up. There does seem to be room to improve communications between the technical support agents working to resolve these issues and the agents who respond to chat and phone queries. There have been complex issues with login and usage reporting affecting some users, and as you've noted, some of these have taken a long time to resolve. I'm looking into ways we can improve the way these cases are handled so that we can give a clearer idea of the time to fix problems.

AGL Community Manager
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As the original issue posted here has been resolved I'm marking this as delivered, but if your ongoing issues with usage data match any existing posts here I encourage you to upvote and comment on them. If your issue seems different from others reported, create a new issue.

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AGL is the land of waste of time. There is no response by phone or chat and no access to email.

Log in is mixed up and blocks all email and contact numbers.

All we have been trying to do is change the details of the direct debit. The account number is 7061849803.

Relying on social media to do your business is a fail.