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Online account still not working correctly after 2-3 months!

Don't know how I can really explain anything without getting to personnel but if there is someone I can DM and sort this out, I've tried chatting to people using the message section, It's now over a month on this particular issue about 2-3 months in total on the online account ( and mobile app ) not working. Usage data not showing and hasn't for about 1 month, even after being told that it is going to my account. I just get told we are looking into it, it's been way to long to fix an issue li ...
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Khafra Semiconductor

Re: Cannot login any more

Hi @David_AGL, This is Khafra I wrote the original comment, and yes I did manage to fix it after a while of back and forth, but now 'AGL' have broken something else ( missing / pending usage data ), which I'm now trying to sort out, so far it's now been nearly a month on top of the other months issues. I just get told the IT department has been told. And yes I did contact yourselves over both issues repeatedly but I just get told the same thing, try again in 3-5 days.
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Khafra Semiconductor

Cannot login any more

I have been able to login to my account for the last few years without a problem, but last week it just stopped working for no reason. It was working fine the day before, but now I cannot login at all either on the App ( which I had never used before but thought I would try after it the web stopped working ) and also the Web based one. I've been in contact with somebody on the chat a few days again and they just said yes it's fine now it's fixed just do this ( which didn't work ). Is anybody ...
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