Bug: insights weekly bought and sold averages are different to usage figures

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In the insights function, under monthly, the daily averages for sold to grid and bought from grid are wrong, compared to the figures under usage.  The weekly totals are also wrong.


For example, in my case, according to the usage daily totals for May 15-21 2023:

Bought from grid: 2.66 KWh

Sold to grid: 13.13 KWh


But according to Insights for the week of May 15-21 2023:

Bought from grid: 5.30 KWh.



AGL Moderator
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Hi Ron14, Thank you for getting in touch, 


We are happy to take a further look into your account and double check the solar generation is correct. 


Just to confirm are you referring to the energy insights or the data on your app?


Kind Regards,