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Bug: insights weekly bought and sold averages are different to usage figures

In the insights function, under monthly, the daily averages for sold to grid and bought from grid are wrong, compared to the figures under usage. The weekly totals are also wrong. For example, in my case, according to the usage daily totals for May 15-21 2023:Bought from grid: 2.66 KWhSold to grid: 13.13 KWh But according to Insights for the week of May 15-21 2023:Bought from grid: 5.30 KWh.
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Re: Download statement

Hi. I'm having a similar problem and have some more details. The problem happens whe using Gmail and the latest Google Chrome. If I click on the link to download the bill, a new tab appears with a blank page, then disappears, with no file downloaded. If I right click on the link and choose Save Link As..., after choosing the destination folder, I get a warning message saying that the bill can't be downloaded securely. If I choose the keep the bill, I get the bill.I don't have this problem when ...
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