App shows a recent estimated usage ?

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I've been using the website based app since we went solar and had the new smart meter installed.

I noticed today when looking at the fresh update and Sundays figures, it was noted that this was 'Estimated'.

To date I haven't seen this before, thought the smart meters were next day accurate . . . I'm wondering if others get this from time to time too, and why it might be ?


















It could be that Sunday was our highest solar input (71.5kwh) in the nearly one month since the new solar was properly turned on, and the usual 'High feed in' notation was not present when hovering over the day on the graph . . . The high feed in notation has also dropped off the previous high feed in days (several of them) that have popped up in the past on those few full sunny days we've had here in SA through Dec.


The 'High usage' still appears on last Thursday figures (this is from EV charging), but previous couple of those have also dropped off in the notations.


It could be that the notations when hovering cursor just disappears after a week or so, and those are just an alert of sorts for users when checking figures (?).


The AGL app and SAPN usage figures show the same within a 'point something' of a kwh.


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Go back and look at the 18th May again.




Or check your download file for the 18th May and see if any Quality Flags are not A.


As I stated above I had a well over Estimated that "FIXED ITSELF"


You could PM me and I will send you an Email address and I will convert your file into the industry standard NEM format.

Cheers Neil

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How long does it take to fix itself? Does the new bill reflect it when it gets fixed? Checked on AGL app today and still saying estimated.IMG_3737.PNG

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Not much surprises me now with data and how it can be so inconsistent with actual and estimated readings.


Now on day 15 up to end of day yesterday (12th June) of estimated reads, and I know they are a long way off.

AGL confirmed what I found on the SA provider (SAPN) data that is given to AGL to use, and that is that the SAPN data is estimated since 27th May.

Not sure how long this is going to take to fix this time, but it's giving me the feeling that it could be like the same saga I had in Feb - Mar this year where there was a block data missing or estimated / incorrect readings for 4 weeks !


I apparently have someone at AGL and the tech dept looking into this to try and find out why the SAPN data given to AGL is not updating properly, though it doesn't give me a lot of confidence in how electricity is being charged, if an when this problem happens through a billing period.

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FINALLY getting to the bottom of the extremely erratic meter data, as of yesterday it's still showing 25 days of estimated use on the app and website.

And it's not AGL, although their data shows estimates from 1330 on Monday 27th May to yesterdays upload, the SAPN (SA Power Networks) data has also been showing the same estimated data, which is what they pass onto AGL.


So, yesterday (a Saturday), a tech from Everven come by, unannounced because no need for a booking as no power is needing to be turned off.

Not sure if it was SAPN who sent him out, or the metering company PLUS-ES who supply the EDMI Atlas meters we have (the Mk10D & Mk7A).


He said he was there to check / fix a meter problem, and after talking to him about the estimated data problem, he said yes the uploading of data is likely compromised because of the meters software.


He checked the software version, and confirmed that he needed to downgrade to a previous version, and the data should send ok from there on, something about a known problem and the way it works with the inbuilt SIM.


Data is still not updated as of today, but then a typical Sunday is often delayed, should hopefully be all fixed by Monday after the usual late pm update.


Hopefully this will see an end to this problem, and we can depend on the data again.

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Data is correct today, for up to the normal previous end of day (end Saturday), so looks like the software downgrade worked.