Plan information and expiry date and notifications

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I think it would be a very reasonable idea to have the plan information - charges etc that each customer is on available on the app.

it should also include specific per Kwh and Mj charges, daily supply charges, off peak rates etc.

and the expiry day - perhaps with an option to be notified a month, week, day.... before the plan expires. 
Also I understand many people don’t understand how gas and electricity is prices and these average price estimates are provided for each plan - the reality is these average plan prices are complete garbage, and vast averages - useless to most.

Iv noticed its nearly impossible to get actual specific plan charges. 
AGL and all energy providers should be providing specific pricing at a minimum and garbage average prices if they want. However for anyone that understands pricing, and wants proper information - it should be readily available.

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Hi @Adoyle82,


Thank you for your feedback.


I agree that showing plan information and a granular breakdown of costs and usage will be very beneficial. We already have a similar feature in the works so please stay tune.