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Supposed to get $20 AGL bonus every 6 months but only getting $18,19 - missing $1.81

My current plan clearly indicates that every 6 months I am to receive a $20 bonus but the last 2 or 3 times the bonus has only been $18.19 - where is the missing $1,81 ? I want somebody to go over the past few bills and credit me $1.81 for each bill that I have been underpaid on the AGL bonus. If I did not read my bill closely then I would be losing money due to AGL doing the wrong thing to the customer. I know the last two bills are incorrect - so I am owed at least $3.62 if not more.
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srb623 Superconductor

Solar command status not updating since Sun 9th August 2020

Sadly, this is an on-going problem, in that the solar command status feature has failed, yet again. It has not updated since 9th August 2020, yet my daily usage data shows solar generation. Just a clue for your development team - due to the fact that I had major power issues at my house from 8th August to 12th August (basically my fuse on the riser exploded and fused the wires and thus SAPN had to disconnect me from the grid (for safety reasons) until my switchboard was upgraded. Given that t ...
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Power disconnected by SAPN but AGL still charging me usage - what a rip off

Due to a fuse exploding at 2am my power had to be disconnected by SAPN on Sat 8 Aug. Have not had power since due to issues with getting a quality electrician to complete the job, So why is AGL charging me usage (I can see it in Usage screen) when it would be zero for both peak, off peak and solar since that time ? Surely your smart meters are not that stupid or am I being ripped off by AGL for electricity that I clearly cannot be using ?
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Solar command status not working since 11 May - failing yet again

May one ask why your system, that has been developed by the world's best programmers (I've been told to be nice on the forum and not denigrate AGL staff), has yet again, not been working since the 11th May ? This is 10 days ago. Surely your system is not that slow that it takes 10 days to process one days data ? Solar command status has to be one of the most useless concepts I've ever seen in any information system that I've ever used. It is always failing. And before you ask, yes, I have c ...
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