Supposed to get $20 AGL bonus every 6 months but only getting $18,19 - missing $1.81

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My current plan clearly indicates that every 6 months I am to receive a $20 bonus but the last 2 or 3 times the bonus has only been $18.19 -  where is the missing $1,81 ?  I want somebody to go over the past few bills and credit me $1.81 for each bill that I have been underpaid on the AGL bonus.  If I did not read my bill closely then I would be losing money due to AGL doing the wrong thing to the customer.  I know the last two bills are incorrect - so I am owed at least $3.62 if not more.

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Hi srb623! 


I can certainly understand that would be concerning, that $1.81 is the GST portion of the credit which is applied in a separate line item. $1.81 + $18.19 = $20. 


Have a great week! 


Thank you 


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Hi! Are you still a helps me on my bill gas this monthly because I don't have moneys alot. Im income centrelink carer that done.


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Hey camthivuong67,

I recommend in future making a new thread for your own query, as this one is 1 year old & for another topic.

I'm a customer just like you, but I'd like to share the below with you. If you're experiencing financial hardship and are finding it difficult to afford your products with AGL, there are 2 main recommendations I can make. 


Let me know how you go, camthivuong67.

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