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Solar Savers FiT Still Capped?

Hi AllBack in August I noted AGL's Solar Savers Plan Feed-in Tariff had dropped from 17c/kWh to 8 c/kWh (with a bonus rate of 15 cents per kWh for the first 9kWh exported each day). In October MrsMac21 posted that she's noticed AGL's FiT has dropped yet again, though this might be specific to generic NSW plans as mousing over the solar feed-in-tariff cells of the electricity plan comparisons show NSW, QLD, and SA have very different rates. For reference sake here the links to the threads mention ...
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Missing Post?

I started a thread about the Solar Savers Plan the other day but it seems to have disappeared. Do moderators delete threads they don't like? My profile shows 2 posts (I don't visit often) but when I check for details only the first post\thread is listed. I'm trying to figure out where the 2nd went. Anyone know? I can redraft something if it's merely a technical glitch but there's no point if the subject is off limits or something.
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Solar Savers Plan No Longer Worth It?

Hi Everyone,we're in the process of trying to build a modest house - something that has been agonisingly slow and now apparently won't finish until sometime next year. When I was looking at electricity plans back in January or so (I did say the build process was agonisingly slow ), the Solar Savers Plan looked great, but a relative who was looking recently advised me that there have been radical changes made!!! Back when I was looking AGL were offering a Feed-in Tariff of 17 cents per kWh whils ...
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Hi FolksI would email AGL with my questions about this but it looks like they don't want to be contacted - the references to chatting online are text\graphics only not links, and I'm not after the Indian call centre, so I'm hoping people here can help. I'm looking at installing a 5-10kW solar system later this year, depending on the advice I receive, but am a little confused by the Solar Saver plan info. At present the SS plan offers a 17c per kWh Feed-in-Tariff which is balanced out by higher G ...
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