Missing Post?

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I started a thread about the Solar Savers Plan the other day but it seems to have disappeared. Do moderators delete threads they don't like? 


My profile shows 2 posts (I don't visit often) but when I check for details only the first post\thread is listed. I'm trying to figure out where the 2nd went.


Anyone know?


I can redraft something if it's merely a technical glitch but there's no point if the subject is off limits or something.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @George_Kaplan , no, we definitely don't delete posts unless they're abusive to other community members or against community guidelines in some other way! 


The community platform has an automatic spam prevention system, and for some reason it seems to have accidentally flagged yours. Sorry about that.


I've rescued it from the spam folder and moved it across to the Solar & Renewables board: https://community.agl.com.au/t5/Renewables-and-Energy-Technology/Solar-Savers-Plan-No-Longer-Worth-I...