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Hi Folks

I would email AGL with my questions about this but it looks like they don't want to be contacted - the references to chatting online are text\graphics only not links, and I'm not after the Indian call centre, so I'm hoping people here can help.


I'm looking at installing a 5-10kW solar system later this year, depending on the advice I receive, but am a little confused by the Solar Saver plan info. At present the SS plan offers a 17c per kWh Feed-in-Tariff which is balanced out by higher General Usage, Controlled Load, and affiliated Supply Charges. That all seems self explanatory and so long as I'm a net producer each month\quarter\bill period the costs will be paid by the credits earned. What I'm confused about is the fact the plan says it's a 24 month no lock in contract with variable rates. Can someone decipher this for me?


How can a plan be for 24 months if it's not locked in? Isn't it just a rolling contract? And what of the variable rates? Does that apply exclusively to the General Usage\Controlled Load\Supply Charges, or does it also apply to the 17c per kWh? Could I sign up today and then be notified tomorrow that AGL are slashing the FiT to 1c per kWh?


Any and all advice greatly appreciated!

AGL Moderator
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Hi George,


What you are locking in with the Solar Savers Plan is the higher solar feed in tariff, this won't change over the 24 month period. Your usage and supply charges can vary over the 24 month period.


At the end of the 24 month period you will either remain on the plan for a further 24 month or we would send you out a new offer.


You can also cancel or change to any of our other plans at any time.


Kind Regards,



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I would like a representative from A.G.L. to:

1. explain now to me  what Solar feed in tariff I am on - and 

2. whether a fixed or variable electricity load is my option. 3. Since 13 th. of September 2022 new rates have changed for feed in and my usage ( load ) costs.

4. Can you email me those variable options - Be mindful I live in S.E. Qld. and my Wholesaler is Energex 

Thank you 

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I couldn't agree more with you George re contacting AGL direct. Your first sentence is spot on. Why don't they have a simple email address?  Got sick and tired of going around and around in circles.   Shows a lack of customer support and poor leads to relationships. They just don't want to be contacted apparently.