Crediting to Customer of Solar FIT

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My meter is read 3 monthly. The inbetween bills are estimates. I have been told by your call centre that the credits will only be paid out on an actual reading. I note that the AGL moderator says "the credits will be paid to you at the end of each biling period"  Who is correct?


Also I note you have an option to suply your own meter reading each month. I was aso told by the call centre that supplying my own reading each month would not result in the credits being paid out to me monthly. I would still have to wait 3 months for an actual meter read to recieve any FIT payments from you. What is AGLs policy on this.

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Hi magd,


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Both of the answers you've been provided are correct. Your credits will be paid out to to you at the end of each billing period under the assumption that your bill is on an actual reading. If it is not, these credits will not be paid out to you nor will they be paid if your bill has been generated using meter readings provided by yourself.


To receive monthly bills based on actual readings, you may be interested in having your meter upgraded to a smart meter. You can find out more here


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