The new-look eBill summary

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After listening to your feedback, we're excited to show you the new-look eBill summary. As well as freshening up the look and feel, we've added some crucial information so you can quickly get the important details about your account.


What's changed?


In addition to your bill amount, due date and other useful links, you'll now see:

  • Whether your bill is an estimated or actual meter read (if you have a basic meter you can avoid an estimated bill by completing a self-service meter read)
  • A link to set a bill due reminder in your calendar
  • Instantly pay your bill with a link to make a payment
  • A snapshot of any applied concessions or discounts
  • A new usage and cost snapshot comparing your usage to the same period last year (if available).
  • A link to our bill explainer page for more info on how to read your bill




ebill summary.JPG




How to view the full bill


While we've tried to include most useful information, you're still able to download your bill in full by selecting View your bill on your bill summary. You won't need to log in to your account to do so.


Alternately, you can access your bill by logging in to My Account.


To access your bill via the AGL app, select the Billing tab, tap the bill you'd like to view, then View PDF.


Questions and feedback


This new-look eBill was created based on feedback from customers like you, and we'd love to hear what you think. If you have any questions or comments, you're welcome to add them to this post!

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Hi @astro , downloading your full bill is as easy as clicking "view your bill" in the email. You can also log in to your My Account and view any of your past usage and bills.

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As of 20-dec-2020 could not download my pdf bills . Usually pay by bpay but have no payment details available .

Why change something that was working ok . By the way .... would I be able to get a credit for reading my gas meter and sending it to AGL ??? ....(could not get an answer to this one yet from AGL).


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Hi @amlav, the link @David_AGL provided above for My Account currently is working fine.  If you then click on the BILLING tab at the top of the page that opens, you can download your current/previous bills as pdf there. I just received my latest bill and both this and the email links are working without a problem.


Re doing your own meter read, the Help page under Why to I get estimated bills? states:

"Once we get an actual meter read from your distributor, or once you submit a read yourself via My Account or the App, we’ll check and correct your account based on if we’ve charged you too much or too little. If we have charged you the wrong amount, we’ll either include an adjustment on your next bill or resend you an adjusted energy bill. You can tell if your bill is based on an estimate or an actual read by looking at the ‘Reading Type’ or ‘Current Reading’ section on the back of your bill."


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Hi, just a quick question, why is my electricity bill based on an estimated and not actual reading? I have a smart meter, so understand that AGL has access to actual usage at any time.

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David from AGL,

Your new system is useless and very difficult to find an itemised bill. Why do your customers have to go to so much trouble to find an itemized bill when you could simply put it on an email and send it like any other company does...???.


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Why can't you simply send me an itemized bill in the email instead of having to go through all this bull**bleep** to find it


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This is all I get.:

Something unexpected happened.

We are sorry for any inconvenience. My Account is unavailable right now. Please check back soon.
Why can't we just get an itemized bill in the Email.....?? without any bull**bleep**. You need to sack your IT team.
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Hi @astro , shoot me through a PM (click my name) with your account number, and I'll have someone look into why you can't get to your itemized bill from the email summary.

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How unnecessary.

Please - just send me the detailed bill; don't just send me a summary and tell me to go and log on to your site and see if I can find the invoice.