The new-look eBill summary

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After listening to your feedback, we're excited to show you the new-look eBill summary. As well as freshening up the look and feel, we've added some crucial information so you can quickly get the important details about your account.


What's changed?


In addition to your bill amount, due date and other useful links, you'll now see:

  • Whether your bill is an estimated or actual meter read (if you have a basic meter you can avoid an estimated bill by completing a self-service meter read)
  • A link to set a bill due reminder in your calendar
  • Instantly pay your bill with a link to make a payment
  • A snapshot of any applied concessions or discounts
  • A new usage and cost snapshot comparing your usage to the same period last year (if available).
  • A link to our bill explainer page for more info on how to read your bill




ebill summary.JPG




How to view the full bill


While we've tried to include most useful information, you're still able to download your bill in full by selecting View your bill on your bill summary. You won't need to log in to your account to do so.


Alternately, you can access your bill by logging in to My Account.


To access your bill via the AGL app, select the Billing tab, tap the bill you'd like to view, then View PDF.


Questions and feedback


This new-look eBill was created based on feedback from customers like you, and we'd love to hear what you think. If you have any questions or comments, you're welcome to add them to this post!

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Using the link on the new ebill format, I logged into my account but still couldn't see details of my actual bill.

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I note in the sample bill the period of the bill is after the pay by date. Does this mean a change to paying in advance?  Could be a problem.

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Good Points✓

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Why don’t I get “best offer” option in NSW?

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*I meant Good Point Dot re: dates on the example above.

* How do I know (for example) half way through the bill how much my bill is in a effort to reduce consumption and of course the cost?

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I prefer paper bill please

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Hi was just looking at the sample of the new look bill , and noticed late payment fee was $100. I hope this was just a typo on the sample . Although this will never happen to me as i am always in credit, as i have sola but if it is not a typo, a letter will be sent to the ombudsman as $100. is an outrageous fee for late payment.   Regards  Ron Harriman

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There is nothing on this bill telling me how much my solar is making nor how much I am being paid for my contribution. 

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All good but it still feels like I am getting ripped off. prices are out of control in this sector and it seems like there is no one who has any authority to change anything. Governments are reluctant to do anything because most of the politicians would have their finger in the pie somewhere. I don't want a new look bill, I want cheaper and affordable power. We need more coal power not less, wasting too much time and effort with these  stupid unsustainable wind farms is not the way forward.