Remove nuclear ban

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Nuclear better on cost, waste, build time.
Remove nuclear ban and get on with it.
Australia has lots of stable land for waste.


Report says nuclear power is cheaper than solar.
SMR come from UK US, solar from China. We reduce
our dependance on China. SMR life is 60 years.


SMR placed on old coal sites, grid to site already.
Prepare site 2 years, ship and install SMR 2 years.
Coal miners move to uranium /iron-ore jobs.

UK SMR design is PWR 2 year refueling cycle.
Sealed containers go in land fill.


Solar uses lots of food land and new grid built
long distances to it. Panels last 20 years made
with China rare earths so go to landfill.

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China installing 150 SMR UK 15.


To reduce 1% of worlds coal and gas is $1.1 Trillion.
Business will pay then recover costs in energy you use.
It must not be done in a rush, do as coal power retired.


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World low on copper and rare earths to make solar panels and grid long distances to solar farms.

Bowan is dreaming with gold plated poles and wires. Wasting food land to build big solar farms.

We need mix of energy with 25% nuclear. Install SMR as coal power is retired.


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15 nuclear SMR provide 25% of Australian energy.

Placed on retired coal power sites. Grid already to site.

4 years to install SMR. Nuclear waste report already done.

Coal miners swap to uranium or iron ore.

Already have a Australian nuclear agency.

Remove nuclear ban.


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Energy prices in France are cheaper than Australia.
They use large nuclear, SMR prices would cost less.

France energy prices raised by 4% and UK by 54%.


Australia uses 60% coal, using 25% nuclear can cut
coal use by half in 4 years.


Going 25% nuclear would mean 3 SMR in each State.


Remove nuclear ban.


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Solar hidden costs make nuclear cheaper:
Purchase of lots food land 8 acres /MW.
Build new grid long distances to solar farms.
World is low on copper and rare earths.
Old solar panels added to rubbish each 20 years.

Mass production will reduce nuclear cost


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Why are there no nuclear power plants producing electricity in Australia ??
Nuclear power stations can not be built anywhere in Australia.

They are banned in every state, and in every territory by the Australian Federal Government under John Howard. Such bans were introduced because of community concerns about the health and environmental risks.
The ban on nuclear energy originated in 1998 when the former Howard government needed to trade it off to get parliamentary support for the construction of a new, very small 20 megawatt nuclear reactor for medical purposes ie: nuclear medicine etc at Lucas Heights.
All Retailers such as AGL, Origin, etc etc Can not do a thing about it!
Every energy Distributor in Australia Can not do a thing about it!
Every State & Territory Government in Australia Can not do a thing about it!
Constantly posting & repeating it here in varying forms Will not do anything about it!
It will not happen period! Retailers, Distributors & State Governments can not do a THING ABOUT IT!
At any AGL Moderator please feel free to lock this thread if you wish.
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Good you are not trying to cancel me this time.

So you agree that nuclear is cheapest energy, we save money.

Health and environment is reason for ban ?

Small amount of nuclear waste vs lots old solar panels.

Nuclear has very good health history.



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You are cancelling me.

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