Green 'Boost' button on my EDMI Mk7A Smart Meter

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Can you explain how the green boost button functions on my EDMI Mk7A smart meter please? I believe it boosts the hot water heating service temporarily. Is that the case, even when my hot water service heats up in off peak times? Does the 'boost' button reset itself in a 24 hour period? Why is there no detail or instructions about the purpose of this button available, please?

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Hi @Wamby,


Thank you for your questions and for reaching out to us. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delayed response to your posts.


We have been looking into this enquiry for you, concerning the green boost function on your smart meter. After sending this request through to our digital metering team, they advised that this boost function might not be available if you reside in NSW or QLD. This is because the hot water is controlled by the network relay. To find out more information about this, please contact our Digital Metering Team on 1300 669 245.


Normally, however, the green boost switch does revert to default state every 24 hours. It would not override the off-peak time, but you will lose the option to reuse it for the following 24 hours. 


If you would like any technical advise about your meter, you can contact the Active Stream team on 1800 775 341. 


I hope this information helps in answering your questions.


Kindly, Jordan

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I was referred to this post. I was given the phone number to ring ActiveStream. I rang them as directed by AGL. They told me they only deal with retailers and not consumers.