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Green 'Boost' button on my EDMI Mk7A Smart Meter

Can you explain how the green boost button functions on my EDMI Mk7A smart meter please? I believe it boosts the hot water heating service temporarily. Is that the case, even when my hot water service heats up in off peak times? Does the 'boost' button reset itself in a 24 hour period? Why is there no detail or instructions about the purpose of this button available, please?
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Shoulder Period

On our electricity bill there is a billing section for 'Shoulder', I.e. The power that we consume during the 'shoulder' period is less expensive than that which we consume during the 'Peak' period. There is no read-out on the LCD panel of the smart meter that equates to 'shoulder'. How does the meter know the difference between what We use in 'peak' and in 'shoulder' times, and where/how is it recorded, please?
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Re: Green button use for hot water

Well that is good to know. This is the first place I have been able to learn anything at all about what the green button does in the 'smart' meter. Does it really revert to the the default state every 24 hours please? Can you confirm that? Also, if my hot water system normally heats up during 'off peak' times, does the green button actually override that?@CatherineG wrote:Hi @Vin. Thanks for your post. We have confirmed that once you have pressed the green 'boost' button on your meter that hot ...
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