Allow secondary accounts to access AGL app.

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Here's an idea;

Allow secondary / authorized account holders to access the AGL App with their OWN user names.


Use Case:

My Wife and I are frequently traveling independently and both of us need to be across all aspects of the billing and utilities.

This means, - at any time, being able to see what bills are due at any point.

How can this be done if only 1 person (Namely the account holder) is permitted to access to the AGL account ?


Oh Yes, I realises that the solution you're going to give is "Why don't you just SHARE the username and password for the account?"

This would work FINE if there was no 2 factor authentication involved - Since, I I really dont believe that I have to spell this out for you - The 2 factor Auth only sends to a  *single* Mobile number or Email Address.


So, IN sharing the account details with my wife, I am already prevented from utilising increased security - which is *recommended* by you.


Not to mention that sharing authentication details is already increasing the risk of unauthorised access.


The fact that this can not be done is absolutely mind boggling - And if this is 'A limitation of your billing system' then I suggest you fire the halfwits responsible for choosing it or writing it, and invest in a proper system that will allow for this functionality.


Its. Not. Difficult.



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Hi @NielFulton . Thanks for the feedback. As you've stated, only the account holder can manage an account (with some functions allowed by another nominated authorized person as well), and we strongly recommend not sharing login details. 

Can you provide an example of a system that allows you to manage a single account from separate logins in the way you're describing? 


One way to work around the specific issue you've mentioned causing trouble here (tracking and paying bills) might be to set up direct debit on your account.


Payments would be made automatically, and full billing history can still be tracked in your account when it's convenient to do so.