Is the AGL Modem locked to AGL

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Hi all! 


I recently have swapped from AGL internet to another provider, vodafone. However, i chose to bring my AGL modem in as i read it was compatible with vodafone. No matyer what ive tried though, i cant seem to figure out how to configure the new nbn and neither could the vodafone check. Anyone ever tried this?

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None of the supplied modems are locked to AGL as far as I know

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I've got the same problem: my AGL eero router has been updated to the latest firmware version (as shown in the settings) which, according to eero's own tech info, would allow PPPoE connection to be selected in the ISP settings WAN type, but this doesn't appear as an option, only DHCP and Static IP (the ones available before the firmware update). That makes it incompatible with an ISP requiring you to enter username and password for PPPoE. I can't find any information online - at AGL or elsewhere - that explains whether this is a deliberate limitation or if there's a way to configure/ update the AGL-supplied router to add this option. The eero app (Android) continues to say my internet is provided by AGL - it isn't - and so I suspect there's something coded into the eeros they supply that lock them to AGL. Would be really happy to be contradicted with specific instructions on how to work around this.