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I have set up my nbn modem and did everything that was meant to be done but it’s still saying that there is no network connection what do I need to do? I tried to turn the modem off and back on many times in 3 days and still the same thing. I tried to call the help center but never to reach to anyone, I also tried to chat with them but no replies as well.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @tiethuyvo , sorry to hear you're having connectivity issues. We do have some long wait times on the phone at the moment - how long did you spend on hold? 

At this stage the phone support is still the best option for getting this issue resolved unfortunately, as it will require some troubleshooting - so the best advice I can offer is to give us a call and speak with someone. 

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just go to telstra

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Finally, I managed to get through to reach a support person, and get a technician to help me sorting it out. It's super annoying and frustrated process though. Anyway thanks for replying me.

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What did he get you to do? I am having the same problem 😖 so frustrating 

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I used the ConnectNow service to setup contract with AGL, hence I called them complain about the internet service, they helped go through directly to the support person. Then AGL sent a technician, it turns out that my building central switch has some issue( I guess) He come down and fix it. So I recommed if you restart the modern a lot but without any luck, then would try to connect to the salesperson and has them help you reach to the support. I have no luck with the supporting line, never reach anyone 😄

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No internet connection. I have been trying to get through to the help desk for over 2hrs.

i have switched off power and restarted a few times.