Terrible customer service

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I have tried to contact customer service for 2 days. Via the app, I was told that I would be transferred to another department and then had no response, even the next day when I tried again, I got no response. I tried calling and sat on hold for over an hour several days in a row when trying. I would get through to the nbn technical team every time, no matter the option I chose and they always just said that they would transfer me and then I would sit an hour again and get nothing until I hung up. Each time I get to them, they say they can’t help me and I beg to speak with a manager and they just say sorry I can’t help you and transfer me again and put me on hold. I am missing calls and have not been able to set up my voicemail because I can’t speak to anyone. Absolutely disgusted with the service. I was promised the world when changing over and have just received slow, bad connection of wifi at home, missed calls and no voicemail!!!   

AGL Moderator
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Hi there - I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a difficult time getting in touch with our customer service team. Please send me a private message with your account details so that I can follow up on your account.

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Thanks for that, I phoned the complaints line and they sorted it out for me. A bit ridiculous though if you ask me. 

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ME TOO, I moved mobile to AGL, received 2 sims, activated one, nothing for weeks, still using Telstra as directed. No referance to mobile on my AGL account summary. No email just 2 letters "lets do this"? I rang the merry goround they call customer service, originally to have the internet transferred from Telstra, TOOK 9 DAYS, had no internet, but the mobile is NOWHERE at least Telstra is still working

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MORE, after ages on the fone, I was finally told the sime sent were now out of date. I put in rubbish, went to DoDo as I only need 2 gb not 20. Anyhow I thanked the lady for her help and told her to tell Mr AGL that they are hopelss, service and communication non existant  NOT happy, I may move electricity too 

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hi me to i have been trying for a week