SIM not activation after 2 weeks

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I'm an existing AGL mobile customer and decided to upgrade my plan.

A new SIM was sent out and shortly after receiving a activation and number port request was submitted.

Fast forward 2 weeks and new SIM still isn't activated and old SIM still remains active.


Is there a longer ETA when porting to a upgraded plan or is this a technical issue ?

Also to note new plan details disappears from my account so I can't track status.






AGL Community Manager
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Hi @TH_AGL , I'm not aware of any longer delays with upgrading plans. Unfortunately I don't have account access to look into this for you, but you may wish to give customer service a call to check in on the status here.

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Hello, If your new SIM has not been activated and your old SIM remains active after two weeks of submitting the activation and number port request, it is possible that there may be a technical issue or delay in the porting process. It is recommended to contact AGL mobile customer support directly to inquire about the status of your activation and number port request. They will be able to provide you with more specific information and assist you in resolving any issues or concerns you may have.