Mobile not working

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Mobile is not connected to the Network again…..every time I look up outages the AGL site says no reported outages. Can’t phone as phone not working, can’t log a complaint as no link works and I can’t log in to report it to AGL. Ready to jump ship with all accounts. 

AGL Moderator
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HI @Carwill

We are sorry to hear about your mobile not connecting to the network! 

To view the current Optus mobile tower outages, please visit: 

For troubleshooting a mobile issue, please visit: 

You can also try completing the below troubleshooting steps:

1. Restart your mobile.
2. Turn the mobile data off and then back on.
3. Turn Flight mode on and then back off.
4. Take the sim card out of your mobile, put back in. If this doesn't work then:
5. Take sim card out of mobile and place it into another mobile so we can see if it is the sim card or the mobile that is playing up. 

If the issues continue, please call us on 13 12 45 or speak to us via our chat platform through our website so that it can be investigated further for you. 

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You can try these steps to fix your network problem: Restart your device. Check your network mode and APN settings. Try a different SIM card or device.

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Of course not,  AGL are not a telco. They are a billing agency…. So it is unusual your phone works at all … anywhere.