Mobile Data Rollover

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I wonder if AGL is considering implementing Data Rollover for Mobile Plans, since Users are paying by the gigabyte would it not be fairer to allow rollover for the term of the contract.


From a marketing aspect it would help differentiate the companies products.


The rollover could then be reset on the anniversary of the contract.


What do others think?










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I like the idea, its a handy feature to have!!

AGL Moderator
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Hi Jchopines!


This is a great question. At this stage we do currently only offer plans that include a monthly allocated allowance, however, our marketing and mobile teams are always looking at suggestions to cater to our customers needs best, so we have raised this fantastic suggestion to the team to explore further.


We would love to see more thoughts and suggestions from you in the future!


Tara H, AGL Team

Super Charger
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Hey Tara,

I can assume that it was decided not to offer the rollover intentionally when the product was launched, so I assume a suggestion from 1 customer might not tip the scale.

Truthfully I'd love a response explaining the 'why' if anything (not that I feel entitled to it). 


Either way, the cost of using a mobile with AGL is extremely cheap, so I fully appreciate why a rollover isn't offered at this price.

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Hi - I did consider AGL mobile, but won’t go ahead because there is no data rollover