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Tara_AGL AGL Employee
a month ago

Re: Has anyone else had issues with AGL internet? 0

Hi Vicki, We are sorry to hear that you may be having some trouble! Could you tell us a little bit about what you are experiencing? Tara, the AGL Team
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Tara_AGL AGL Employee
a month ago

Re: What is VPI/VCI code for my AGL modem?

Hi Mahi, These codes are specific to ADSL connection types and won't be necessary for your AGL NBN Broadband connection. We ship all modems pre-configured, allowing for a plug and play experience once the NBN connection is confirmed as connected. Our Technical Support team would love to hear from you if you are having any issues with your plug and play setup!
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Tara_AGL AGL Employee

Re: Modem admin login

Hi Rockman, Thank you for reaching out! Before your modem first connects to our server, the username and password will be as below.Username: admin Password: password Once you successfully connect and commence a browsing session, this will then synchronize your modem to our server and will change the credentials to those of which you have previously been trying above. Have a lovely day!
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Tara_AGL AGL Employee

Re: Internet Phone Service

Hi There! AGL has recently launched our Home Phone solution, currently available to new customers who don’t already have an NBN connection with us. The Home Phone product is available as a bundle, which includes an NBN service, a Home Phone service, and the modem required to power both services. For more information and terms and conditions associated, please visit Connect a Home Phone Thank you, Tara, AGL Team
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