esim activation

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after two weeks and multiple phone calls for a ESIM   iphone 12  still waiting , agl inability to email required QR code failed  apparently they are having problems with this process . it took a week to finally get a QR code which then failed activation .

after this  AGL then cancelled existing plan and gave me a new plan {do not know why}   back to square one,  more phone calls back to waiting for a QR  code   two weeks and counting 

i work in telecommunication and have all my working life in both telstra and private companies build fibre networks and if i cant get to the bottom of this god help anyone else .

this is not a criticism of the people that work there they have been helpful  but they can only work with process they have been trained wqith and given , but their management  have a lot top answer for  

wish me luck  


AGL Community Manager
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Hi @les52 , we've had some teething issues with eSim that should be resolved at this point - sorry to hear you're having ongoing problems. If you want to shoot me a private message (click my name) I can pass your details along to the team and have some one follow up. However, if support are already working on your case, this may be unnecessary.

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thanks david