You have no right to estimate our usage and our bill - I'm considering leaving this provider

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I am also shocked !!! I think it is appalling that you think it is ok to estimate peoples bills! Sometimes one may not even be in residence for a period of time, or simply do not wish to use your product for a period to save on costs if they need to, or have an alternative. You are taking away people's agency. If are going to do this I will be looking for another provider,  as we pay a healthy service fee for you to do your job. It is not the customer's job and if you want to make it our job reduce the service fee accordingly.

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Hi Skyeqi, if you are referring to the new details added to the email bill, there is no change to how your meter is read, this has been added so you can easily see if the account has been estimated and take steps to have this resolved. If we have not had any issues reading your meter in the past, this is not going to change, there are some reasons as to why we may estimate the bill you can find the details regarding this here. If you need any assistance with estimated bills or would like to discuss further you can get in touch with the team via messenger in My Account you can also access this via the support tab in the AGL App.