I am confused with a new Smart Meter Installation a few days ago

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Hi guys,

we had a new solar system installed 2 weeks ago...its a 10kw 3 phase inverter and 27x370watt panels (9.9kw)

AGL told me over the phone that once the smart meter was installed (our old meter was upgraded), within 48 hours i would be able to see our usage at any time during the day.

My wish is to compare what we are producing with what is being used on an hourly basis throughout the day.

I got onto a support staff member via chat this morning and he says that i wont be able to view usage until my next bill. That is not what i was told by the account manager prior to the installation of the smart meter.

To add to this, all of a sudden, our estimated bill has gone up dramatically overnight (by more than $200) and is now climbing at a ridiculous rate every single day. I dont see how this could even be possible considering we use on average about 37kw per day, in the last 9.5 days our solar system has produced 301kw/hrs.

something is drastically screwed up...what is the smart meter doing to us? It should not even be showing an estimate now as its directly connected via a simcard to the AGL network.

For example, i was seeing a projected bill of about $650. After our solar system had been up and running for a few days this remained the same. Then, the next morning after the smart meter was installed, the bill projection suddenly jumped to almost $900! I dont recall us ever having a bill that expensive at this time of the year...its usually around the $600-700 mark.

I am worried that now that AGL know we have a new solar system, they are intentionally trying to **bleep** us before the next billing date.

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Hi adamjedgar,


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After a new meter or solar is installed, it can unfortunately take some time before the data is updated. We find that customers usually report seeing this after around 3-4 weeks. Sorry for this delay! If you do need to follow up on this further, please contact us here. You can also use AGL Messenger via the APP or My Account.