Why do we have two electricity meter?

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Hi everyone,


I've read that it can take up to 15 days to set up our electricity, we've just moved in to our new place as a tenant. We still have electricity from I guess the turn-over period for tenant and providers. Just wondering why do we have two electricity meters/reader?



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Hi JohnG,


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If you have electric hot water at your property then it's very likely that the second meter is in place to measure the electricity consumption for your hot water system which will run on a timer.


If you feel this isn't the case, let me know so that we can explore other possibilities!





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We have just had new digital meters installed. One is an MK7A. The other is an MK10D. They are connected to our thre-phase power system. They are net meters, arranging the utilization of our solar-panel-generated electricity by the householdfirst and exporting the unused electricity to the grid. Why do I have two meters  and how do I see how much electricity is being used by our household from the solar panels and how much is going to the grid? 

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Hi, I just had my single phase meter replaced with two 3 phase meters. For the first time I run out of hot water during shower. I now understand that my hot water only starts at 10pm. Can you please clarify what was happening previously with the single meter? The guy who came to change the meters told me about the second meter, as it was in his notes that I have offpeak for some reason so it is reccomended to put that. He did not explain that I will be saving money by showering in cold water. If I has offpeak with the single phase why I never run out of water previously?

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this is the problem we're having, almost 4 weeks now and the meter people are still "looking into it" (see my post).


Your hot water system was probably on the general usage meter before so it was always heating. Now it's on controlled load 1 and only getting electricity from 10pm. You might want to change to control load 2 by calling AGL 

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@catear thanks. Seems we have similar issue. I will a call later today. How many litres is your boiler? I presume is also single element like mine?