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I have received a text message from PLUS ES on behalf of AGL telling me they are going to replace my modem meter because of there being no 3G anymore. Is this a legitimate request. I noted that someone else asked this question and were told to go to Messages after logging in to their account. Where is ther message button. Thanks

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I don't use the AGL app only the Web version but I assume they are similar.

On the Web version it is on the the bottom right hand side of any page.


You should be able to click  HERE and this should take to Your Account.


3g is being phased out by all the telcos (well that is Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone) with a final date of June 2024 set by Telstra.

Optus and Vodaphone are doing a phasing out approach and are doing it gradually.


So, I presume that Plus ES are doing a similar approach and replacing meters that use 3g with meters that use 4g in to ensure that meters can be read remotely.


Hope this answers your questions.


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Cheers Neil



Cheers Neil

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