Where does it say if my meter reading is being updated from a digital meter?

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I think I've got a digital meter, but I'm not sure. It would be helpful if my account told me somewhere that the meter readings are being updated from a digital meter, so there is no need to provide a manual read.


I'm not sure if I need to take manual readings, or if this is not necessary because I already have a digital meter and this is dynamically updating my account.

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Hi @Quaetapo regardless of which type of meter you have,  you are not required to make manual readings unless you wish to.


You might find the identification guide on this page helpful to determining what type of meter you have.

You will find that the "Meter no." on your bill matches up with the number on your meter.  

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Hi @David_AGL ,


Thanks for getting back to me. 


The reason I'd like to know if I have a digital meter, instead of a manual meter, is to be confident that the reading being presented in my bill is an actual reading, not an estimate.


If it's an estimate, I can make sure I submit manual readings. If it's digital/smart, then I'm assuming I don't need to provide a reading to be confident of accuracy.


When I look at the information provided, for example, on the app, it is saying 'bill projection', but doesn't say if my meter is a smart meter. The link you sent to identify my type of meter also isn't completely clear. For example, is the 'digital display meter' a smart meter, or is it just the 'digital meter' that is smart? Why doesn't it say, with the meter detail, that it is a smart meter?


It would be very helpful if my account and the supporting information was clear on this.




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Hi again @Quaetapo , your bill will always tell you whether it's estimated or actual. Look under "Read type" in the "Your electricity supply details" section. If any portion of the usage period covered by the bill contained estimated usage, the read type will display as "Estimated". If we received actual reads, either from your local distributor or because you have a smart meter, it will display as "Actual". Your read type (estimated or actual) will also be prominently displayed in the new eBill summary (the email we send you to announce a bill).


If you'd still like confirmation of what type of meter you actually have, I recommend getting in touch with customer service. Either log in to your account and click "Message Us", or get in touch by phone or web chat.

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Hi David


Wouldn't it be nice if it just simply 'informed' you that the bill was calculated from a smart meter. I really don't understand why this is so difficult.




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If you have a smart meter you Bill will state a single day when your next meter read will be.

If you have a manually read meter the bill will state that you meter will be read between two dates.

Cheers Neil

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Thanks for clarifying Neil.


While I'll find this useful, it is a little obscure as to why it can't be a simple, clear, message that the reading was obtained by a smart reader.


At least I now know what to look out for.


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Hi Quaetapo, 


I will provide that feedback to our billing team for future reviews, I am glad we have been able to clear this up a bit for you. 


Thank you