Undischarged Bankruptcy Question

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I'm an undischarged bankrupt trying to get gas and electricity connected.

Its a bit sad but I have been knocked back by 2 retailers without any sort of pathway being presented for actually having utilities connected.

It adds a considerable degree of insecurity to me and my children (who I share custody of)

I understand that bankruptcy is serious and reduces my worth to a number between 1 and several thousand.

Im just wondering if anyone in the AGL community has dealt with a situation like this and if so any tips?


It will be very cold and dark in my new flat very soon, I think 


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Hi John446,


Welcome to the AGL Community!

I'm sorry to hear that you've found yourself in this difficult position. If you can send me a quick private message (by clicking on my username - "jaydeny") with your address, I'll be happy to confirm who the "default energy retailer" for your address is. This retailer, if it's not AGL, will have an obligation to connect your power irrespective of your financial history.


Kind regards,



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My sister is in the same situation, been declined by 4 energy providers due to bankruptcy. She is a single mum with 2 children. How can I find someone to connect her?

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Welcome to AGL community.


I would recommend searching in google to find the default retailer in your area.


They should be able to further assist you.


Thank you for contacting us!


Kind Regards,